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Our Story

In 2019, A&A Rocks was formed to share our love of rocks with others. We're proud to be a mother and son team, Amanda and Allen. Amanda's passion stemmed from her grandmother's love of rocks. Allen's love of rocks began when he was gifted a rock tumbler for Christmas. As our shared love of rocks grew, so did our rock collection and equipment. We now enjoy creating one of a kind handmade rock jewelry and crafts. We hope each piece you purchase will grow your love of rocks, too!

What We Do

A&A Rocks creates handmade, one of a kind jewelry and crafts from rocks. We use two processes for creating our products. Our first process uses a tumbler to polish rocks, which takes at least 1 month. There are four stages that each go though during that time period. Each stage is done with a different grit. Rocks are placed in a barrel and filled with grit and water, and then tumble for a week. Next, the rocks are clean and removed to check to see if they are ready to move on to the next stage. Sometimes they have to be run another week. Finally, we have a polish stone that is used to create our necklaces and other products.

Our second process uses cabbing to create a set shape of stone called a cabochon to set into our bracelets. Beginning with a large rock being cut into a slab (think of a steak being cut from a large piece of meat), we trace out what shape we want for our cabochon using a trim saw. Next, this is attached to a dowel stick with wax (to help us hold the stone). We then use a cabbing machine that has 6 wheels to shape and polish the stone. Once polished, it is then set into bracelets or pendants. We are proud of the love and time we put into each piece for you to enjoy.

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